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You don’t have to be a spoken-word enthusiast to appreciate the beautiful poetic expressions on the Spoken Word Poetry Podcast. Host Ariana R. Cherry’s performance art, music, and poetry are well-combined to take us on an emotional journey episode after episode.

Her near-hypnotic reading of her poem, “Life is a Creative Process,” evokes the fluidity of the human experience and invites us to embrace the journey and everything that comes with it.

While she is not an interviewing pro, she makes up for it with her engaging perspective and fresh, open-minded approach. Her guests are authors and poets who clearly have been carefully selected to inspire commitment to one’s craft. They bring balance to the podcast, so listeners have both the fruit of Ariana’s unbridled creativity and real-life examples of those who have turned their passion into a longstanding profession.

It is compelling to listen to the breadth of Ariana’s work as it continues to evolve. She creates in response to what she feels and what is happening around her while sharing from the heart, thereby effectively touching listeners’ souls. Her piano compositions are as evocative as her poetry, and at the end of each episode, she leaves us wanting more. 

What will Ariana bring next? Listen to Spoken Word Poetry Podcast to find out.


April 2022 Issue

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