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If you’d like insight into a day in the life of music teachers who are training the next generation of musicians, you’ve got to listen to AMusEd. You’ll hear all about the often amusing—pun intended—triumphs, tips, and missteps of three young music teachers, all just out of their first five years of teaching. 

Each of these educators brings experience from a different angle of music education. Olin Hannum leads collegiate athletic bands; Susanna Peeples teaches high school choir; and Veronica Tonus has taught elementary general music, band and strings, and middle school band and choir.

They describe themselves as experts on surviving as young teachers, and they are constantly growing to meet the needs of their programs and students.

It’s hard to imagine singlehandedly teaching young people to play a variety of instruments, and the pandemic complicates things even more. Their frank discussions about current issues are simply intriguing. These include returning to the classroom and figuring out how to tie masks onto the “brass kids’” instruments, so they aren’t excluded from band practice. 

This podcast was created to provide resources and support for other young music educators, particularly those who may be starting at new schools. The conversations are refreshingly honest, and the hosts’ passion for what they do is unmistakable. The future of music is in good hands.


August 2021 Issue

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