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Sound effects are an important element in many movies and games, so it’s no surprise that there is a podcast dedicated to the topic. 

A Sound Effect Podcast is a team effort, though many of the episodes are hosted by Jennifer Walden. She is clearly passionate about highlighting new trends in this field and digs into how those who produce sound effects, and sound effect libraries, create the magic they do.

While this podcast certainly isn’t a “nerd fest,” most of the episodes with one-on-one interviews are pretty sedate. That’s why a very animated group interview stands out from the rest. In the episode “How the Inventive Sound of ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ Was Created,” listeners learn how the sound crew that worked on this movie improved their craft and interpersonal skills during the process. 

The camaraderie among this team and the story about how one team member prevented another from freaking out in the middle of the night about an aspect of the project are endearing. 

The accounts of the hurdles this team had to overcome and the hilarious steps they took in their respective homes to get the sound just right make this a truly memorable episode. More of this, please!

Overall, the insights shared on each episode make A Sound Effect Podcast worth a listen.


July 2022 Issue

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