More Than Movie Reviews

Podcasts that review the latest movies are in abundant supply. So, if you’re a movie fanatic, there are several available that offer in-depth discussions of your favorite films. Those focused on film

UTR: A Sound Effect Podcast

Sound effects are an important element in many movies and games, so it’s no surprise that there is a podcast dedicated to the topic.  A Sound Effect Podcast is a team effort,

Mindy Peterson: Enhancing Life with Music

Mindy Peterson is a nationally certified music teacher and host of the podcast, Enhance Life with Music. This show is unique because it explores the power of music through the lens of

UTR: Flawless – A Music Podcast

  If you’re looking for hearty, amicable debates about the best albums of all time, look no further than Flawless – A Music Podcast. What could be better than listening to three

The Evolution of Music Podcasts

Live entertainers have been facing a harsh reality for the past two years. Musicians who relied on live performances for their income were thrown for a loop when the prolonged nature of

Terron Brooks: Leading with his Heart

Terron Brooks is a singer-songwriter whose voice has been described by the Los Angeles Times as “smooth and soulful.” Ironically, he also has a knack for asking questions that reveal the heart

UTR: OK Jazz

  It’s such a pleasure to stumble across a rare-find podcast with unique charm—the OK Jazz podcast is one of them.  It’s your destination for American music as well as new releases

UTR: New Classical Tracks

Julie Amacher, host of New Classical Tracks, not only provides an in-depth exploration and critique of a new release each week, but she also chats with the musician behind it while treating

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