Candy O’Terry: Boston’s Beloved Radio Voice

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Candy O’Terry, a broadcaster out of Boston for 25 years, is the founder and former co-host of WMJX, Magic 106.7/Boston’s Exceptional Women radio show. She has accumulated many awards, including Broadcaster of the Year from the Massachusetts Broadcasters Association, the Legacy Award from the Boston Women Communicators Twenty-Three, and the Gracie Allen Award from the Alliance for Women in Media organization, to name a few. Candy has also been profiled in the book Boston Inspirational Women by Bill and Kerry Brett. 

After leaving radio, Candy started her own production company to inspire women the way they have inspired her throughout her career. She shares their exceptional life journeys and stories behind their success via her podcasts and podcast series. She also discusses her own life journey as it pertains to radio, interviewing superstars, singing and songwriting, and her experience in broadcasting. 

Every woman I have interviewed has taught me something that my mother did not have the chance to teach me. As we lift each other up, we all rise,” Candy shared. 

Candy offers her expertise in communicating and broadcasting in The Speaker Coach podcast, which was launched in April. Her goal is to teach women how to be heard and to encourage them along the way. Her newest podcast is called Country Music Success Stories, for which she teams up with co-host Jacy Dawn Valeras, a Nashville singer/songwriter, to interview celebrities in their homes about their success. 

Candy’s most recent project is the production of her new podcast series, The Story Behind Her Success. In it, Candy conducts more inspirational interviews with women celebrities doing great things with their lives, diving deeper into their success stories. 

Candy invites her podcast guests into her home studio for recording. Complete with a baby grand piano, recording mic, and personal broadcasting box, she is intent on making her guests feel comfortable and at home, because that is how she gets the most exclusive interviews. While adhering to social distancing guidelines and wearing masks to keep everyone safe while recording during a pandemic, Candy explained how she “puts the spotlight on the guest to make her feel like a million bucks.

Candy has the ability to really connect with her guests on a personal level. She uses all her life experiences to dive deep into their stories and truly gives you a look into their lives, struggles, and success. 

Take her interview of Mariah Carey in the early 2000’s. After waiting patiently for four hours while holding a giant box of long-stemmed roses, security finally accompanied Candy to Mariah’s hotel room. Mariah greeted her with a giant smile and was truly shocked by Candy’s gesture. As Mariah carefully placed each flower in a vase one by one, she shared personal stories with Candy from her childhood and early fame. 

Candy’s appearances  have helped her successfully “build a brand,” but what she really hopes is that people remember her name. “It was hard work to reinvent myself after being off the air,” Candy said. 

Clearly, her hard work paid off—not only does Candy now host multiple top-rated podcasts, but guests like Mariah, for one, remember her exactly as she hopes to be remembered—as a mentor for women. 

One piece of advice Candy has for her fellow podcasters? 

“Always be prepared. Research your guests as much as you can. The more effort you put into learning about a person, the more you give her a sense of value. And always look for the backstory.” 

When Candy is not working on her multiple podcasts (including the efforts she puts in to book her dream guests, like Garth Brooks), she nurtures her love of swimming. Having actually gone to Boston on a college swimming and diving scholarship, she is now a master swimmer who logs 5,000 yards every single week. 

After spending 15 years as a single mom, Candy is now happily married. Her two children are grown—her son is in the military and her daughter is in advertising. Candy is also a grandmother of two beautiful little girls.


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