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Podcasts that review the latest movies are in abundant supply. So, if you’re a movie fanatic, there are several available that offer in-depth discussions of your favorite films.

Those focused on film analysis, however, tend to be lesser-known. 

Still, whether you’re a filmmaker or a film buff, you can find a podcast to educate and inspire you. 

Here are 10 of the best non-recap film podcasts offering fresh insights into films:


Actor and comedian Paul Scheer and film critic Amy Nicholson team up and invite listeners to help them create a list of the best films on the planet. They examine unforgettable scenes from a diverse selection of movies, ranging from Conan the Barbarian to Shrek. In the first season of the podcast, Paul and Amy picked apart the AFI’s Top 100 films, and now, with the help of their listeners, they are working their way through documentaries, horror movies, romantic comedies, and their favorite characters. The conversations with some of the actors and directors who worked on memorable classics are also not to be missed.

 Black on Black Cinema

Hosted by Jay, Micah, Terrence, and T’ara, this one dissects Black films and related issues. From week to week, the discussions range from amusing tidbits to more serious topics, like in the preview to Episode 221, which is entitled, “The Supreme Court Just Got Better.” The hosts use the film Single Black Female as a springboard for talking about the implications of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, a first for Black women. Whether you tune in for the film analysis or the stimulating conversations, you’ll be entertained and educated.

To the 90s and Beyond

If you enjoyed 90s movies, you’ll love reliving them with host Vince Leo. Vince is also the author of the review site He goes beyond looking at films from the 1990s to also examine their influence on more recent releases. 

Deep Cut: A Film Podcast

Hosts Wilson, Ben, and Eli analyze international, arthouse, and independent films. In each episode, they zero in on a director’s most popular film or a “Deep Cut pick,” which is a personal favorite chosen by one of them. If you’ve ever wanted to dig into character development and other aspects of the thought processes of directors, you’ll love this podcast. 

You Must Remember This

This popular podcast is the brainchild of Karina Longworth, who started her career as a film journalist. This show was launched as a passion project in 2014 to share the stories of Hollywood’s first century, and Karina writes and narrates each episode. John Mulaney, Fred Savage, Patton Oswalt, Taran Killam, Dana Carvey, Adam Goldberg, Steve Zissis, Noah Segan, Wiley Wiggins, and Nora Zehetner are among the acting and comedic stars who have been guests, and well-known journalists and screenwriters also join Karina from time to time.

Film Formally

Buddies Devan Scott and Will Ross are independent filmmakers who put their years of experience to good use on this podcast. After watching and creating movies time and time again, they are well-equipped to bring you animated and accessible discussions during which they break down a technique or trait of a film. They look at even the tiniest details as they deconstruct what goes into making an effective movie. 

Film Forum Presents

Film Forum is a nonprofit cinema in downtown New York City, and their official podcast is focused on their premieres of new independent movies and outstanding repertory cinema. Founded in 1970, this cinema hosts special events, and their podcast listeners have a chance to hear the audio, which is recorded live during Q&As and conversations at their location. The live discussions with filmmakers on their opening nights are truly intriguing.

Seventh Row Podcast: Women at Cannes Season

This show was launched in time for the start of Cannes 2022. It’s a platform for celebrating the women directors in the Cannes Competition. Women who have been at Cannes in the past are also highlighted. Every week, a panel of critics, film lovers, and academics compare and contrast mainly foreign and independent films as they look at the context of each. Half of the panel is made up of women, and insights about both new and old films are discussed.

The New Chitlin Circuit

Former Howard University roommates Syd and Lex review indie, low-budget, or direct-to-tv Black independent films. This is the only podcast of its kind, and it is named after the term that was used to describe a ring of performance venues, theatre, and musical spots, where Black entertainers were allowed to perform. Recognizing that independent Black performers can now share their work on streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Urban Movie Channel, it seems there is a new Chitlin Circuit. This podcast is a forum for putting independent Black films in the spotlight and celebrating the work of their creators.

Cinematic Heartland: A Filmmaking Podcast

Kevin Isaacson and Mike Godfrey designed this podcast for those who are passionate about filmmaking, directing, screenwriting, or acting, yet live outside a major film hub. The hosts interview other independent filmmakers and share their own thoughts about being an independent filmmaker living outside of the main film industry locales. The goal of the journeys and insights discussed is to help filmmakers achieve success from any location.

These podcasts open up whole new worlds beyond basic entertainment. Take your pick from this selection, and start listening today.


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