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One thing’s for sure—the Film Queens podcast is never boring! In each episode, sisters and co-hosts Gabby and Rachel have animated chats about everything related to TV and movies, and they also do deep dives on beloved characters. 

If you’ve missed an episode of the This Is Us series or didn’t catch all of Stranger Things Season 4, Gabby and Rachel have you covered. They bring you up to speed with a dose of fun commentary added to the mix.

Going beyond reviews, they frequently do round-ups, such as the weirdest movies they’ve enjoyed, their best book-to-screen adaptations, movies they’ve recently seen and those they haven’t watched, LGBTQ+ TV and film recommendations, and underrated TV shows. It’s intriguing to listen to them reveal and discuss their top picks. From their most anticipated films to their all-time favorites, it’s fun to tune in and hear what they’ve selected.

You’ll feel like a fly on the wall as you listen to these TV and movie enthusiasts. Best of all, they strike a welcomed balance of critiquing without being harsh while remaining lively throughout their in-depth analyses.

Every Tuesday, listeners can look forward to another entertaining episode of Film Queens. Excitement is always in the air with this show.


September 2022 Issue

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