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A new release in the podcast sphere, Movies That Changed My Life is definitely under the radar. (But now it’s on mine, and it should be on yours, too!)

IMDb host and producer Ian de Borja sits down with actors and filmmakers to discover the movies that inspired them to create their most significant work. 

A few of my favorites:

Writer and director Kevin Smith breaks down the three movies that changed his life by inspiring him to become a filmmaker and shares what he is working on now, including his role as Skelator in Masters of the Universe and the one he plays in the Mallrats sequel.

Actor Joel McHale reveals the five movies that changed his life, while also talking about his new podcast and the possibilities of a Community movie. (My fingers are crossed for this possibility!)

Judy Greer, star of Into the Dark, Archer and so many other great roles shares the four movies that changed her life, including Pulp Fiction and Casablanca. (If you’re not a Judy Greer fan yet, you will be after listening to this episode!)

The show is a fun behind-the-scenes look at how movies have had a significant role in the shaping and influencing of our favorite actors and filmmakers. You should definitely check it out.


July 2020 Issue

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