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Julie Amacher, host of New Classical Tracks, not only provides an in-depth exploration and critique of a new release each week, but she also chats with the musician behind it while treating listeners to classical melodies that can make spirits soar.

Julie’s desire to introduce others to great music is what led her to radio. In her role with Minnesota Public Radio, she gets to indulge her curiosity by digging for fun tidbits about the music and artists who perform it.

The result: listeners can expect a new, exciting twist on a musical journey that takes them from conversations with pianists, conductors, and cellists to animated chats with flutists, classical guitarists, violists, and violinists. 

Along the way, you’ll learn about what went into creating and performing the beautiful compositions, and you’ll find yourself drinking in every note. 

Julie builds an easy rapport with each musician, and they speak freely about creative processes and philosophies as well as what they’ve been up to between releases. Each episode is an enjoyable listening experience from beginning to end.

Who knows which release will be featured next week? The anticipation keeps listeners hooked. Check out New Classical Tracks and hear what’s fresh on the classical music scene.


November 2021 Issue

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