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Natasha Graziano: Guiding Others To Attract The Best Out Of Life

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Natasha Graziano is widely known as a mindset coach, social media expert, and entrepreneur. Forbes named her “the number one female motivational speaker under 40,and she is the bestselling author of The Action Plan: How to Implement the Law of Attraction Into Your Life in Under an Hour

She is also a global influencer with an Instagram following of more than 7,000,000 people. Her Sunday Clubhouse room—one of the largest on the platform—attracts 20,000 to 30,000 participants weekly. 

Clearly, she is a formidable force in the world of social (media and audio). 

Drawing on her own adversities and experience, Natasha’s mission is to “mentor, empower, and draw the full potential out of every person with the promise that positivity, proactiveness, and heartfelt passion in whatever it is you’re doing is a sure way to get the very best out of life.”

Several years ago, however, Natasha was far from realizing ‘the very best out of life.’ 

Her career collapsed, and she found herself nearly homeless. As a single mom, taking care of both herself and her young child was difficult at best.

Even worse, she’d lost her confidence. 

Filled with shame, guilt, and a sense of failure, Natasha was deeply depressed. Her mindset was unhealthy, and heavy with feelings of being unloved and abandoned, she couldn’t bring herself to reach out to her family for help. She had only one way to survive: to sell nearly all of her belongings. 

She packed her personal items into a trash bag and walked the streets, selling to anyone who would buy. She used the money to rent a small room in a hostel and purchase food. 

She was desperate: 

“I remember asking people to buy my watch, or a bracelet… and then, in one of those moments, I just knew I couldn’t go any lower than where I was. The only place I could go was up. It became, ‘Let me find a way out of here, because no one is going to help me. No one’s giving me money. No one’s giving me handouts. Nobody’s going to get me out of this situation.’ I knew even then that 80% of success in life is ultimately mindset. 20% is action. So, I knew I had to shift my mindset in order for things to change.” 

Swallowing her pride, she reached out to her mom for help. Returning to her parents’ home, she was grateful to have a roof over her head… and, her child’s. 

Rather than life improving, however, things took a turn for the worse. Natasha fell terribly ill.

“It’s when you don’t have your health that the rest of the world becomes a really dark place. I could handle being broke and nearly homeless. But when you fear your actual survival—when doctors tell you you’re going to be on medication for life—that’s something else. There were heart issues that came with my health problems, and thinking I was going to have a heart attack any day made my daily life a very scary place.”

Bedbound and unable to look after her son on her own for over a year, depression and anxiety took root again. Admittedly hitting “rock bottom,” she struggled emotionally, financially, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

“But reaching rock bottom is exactly what has taken me to new heights, too,”  Natasha reflected.

It is often in our darkest moments that we find our “why.” 

Natasha knew one thing for sure: she didn’t want anyone else to go through what she had endured. Choosing to shift her mindset by adopting the belief that “Pain has the power to changeLaw of Attraction Cover Art and evolve you,” she became determined to pull herself out of her situation. She also made a promise to herself: 

“If I find the tools to get myself out of this mess, I will come back with a vengeance and go on to serve the world. Because that’s what the human soul is here for—to evolve.” 

She filled her time with learning: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, The Miracle Power of Your Mind by Joseph Murphy, works by Napoleon Hill… these authors became her mentors. Eventually, she enrolled in a recovery formula program, which she considers “the best money I ever spent in my life.” It was the first of her many investments in mindset and personal development coaching. 

Her key takeaway? 

Your reality is a direct reflection of your inner self-beliefs—and you CAN change whatever you believe these beliefs to be.

She already understood the Law of Attraction and the importance of healing, but the teachings she absorbed in the recovery formula program opened her eyes to her own ability to truly create her everyday life: 

“What goes on inside your mind is what will be projected out into your life. And that is what I had to learn to transform.”

And transform she did, leveraging and now openly teaching her powerful three-step framework: 

Step 1: Get clear on your purpose… and your goal. 

First, Natasha knew she had to become crystal clear on her purpose: her reason for being alive. She’d also need to detail the goals she wanted to achieve.

That purpose? To help people.

And the goal? To help 100,000,000 people unlock their full human potential. 

In order to achieve this monumental task, she knew she’d need to create a business that not only aligned with her purpose, but that felt right for her. 

“A lot of people don’t actually know their purpose, and that’s why they end up in a job they don’t like. My work is not work to me. I love what I do every single day. I feel alive and excited by what I do. I can’t stop… I have to actually put timers on!”

Step 2: Make money your friend. 

Going into Step 2, Natasha was penniless. She knew she had to make enough money to not only survive, but to also re-invest into her business, so it could grow. 

To do so, she borrowed $5,000—a “significant amount of money at the time.” But she did so with an understanding (and a plan) around what it would take to pay back the loan while identifying her fastest path to profitability. 

Endlessly studying the actions of successful people she admired, Natasha chose to invest part of the loan into hiring someone who could secure business collaborations on her behalf. These partnerships paid off as she had hoped, allowing her to reimburse the loan in short order while propelling her along her path of helping 100,000,000 people.

Step 3: Master the power of Instagram. 

Many of the people Natasha admired were finding tremendous success on Instagram. Given her outgoing personality and that the platform is free to use, she dove headfirst into the medium, learning its nuances and mastering its capabilities. 

At first, Natasha gradually built her following by posting pictures of herself wearing brand-name items (purchased inexpensively or borrowed) and she would tag the brands. Slowly but surely, her following grew, and brands began reaching out and expressing interest in working with her. She would then re-invest the money made from these deals into more clothes and repeat the process over and over. It wasn’t long before additional brands began inquiring as to how they could work together, too. 

As her business (and income) grew, Natasha chose to invest in building her following further by acquiring an Instagram account with several hundred-thousand followers for just shy of six figures. 

At the time, people questioned this strategy. Some even went so far as to attempt to discredit her for doing so. Considering this practice is not only commonplace nowadays, but also that acquiring a similar account today would cost anywhere between 3–10x what Natasha invested to do so, one can argue that this was a savvy strategy. After all, social media accounts are commodities.

Eventually, these three steps culminated into a core component of Natasha’s coaching business and online programs. 

“I’m able to serve people and help them to transform their lives and businesses because I’ve been through it,” Natasha said. “I’ve been through pain, so others don’t need to. I’ve learned how to overcome obstacles and get out of bad situations. And that is the key right there—overcoming adversity and breaking through. It is who you become once you get through the pain that matters. 

“Now, I like to say, ‘You could put me in a jungle, and I’ll walk out wearing a suit.’ You can literally take it all from me, but you can’t take my mind. And that is the thing that I will never lose—my ability to move forward.”

Always evolving, Natasha developed her signature MBS Method, which guides her clients to get their mindset right, their message clear, and scale their business through social media. 

Her end goal today? Not only helping 100,000,000 people, but also having an eight-figure business. 

Part of that walk toward eight figures includes social audio and podcasting. 

Her podcast, Law of Attraction, which has been sponsored by Better Help and NordVPN, is where Natasha discusses with top level entrepreneurs the mindset, skills, and habits that it takes to achieve success. It has also been named one of Top 10 podcasts to listen to in 2021 in multiple publications. 

Her guest list is notable: John Assaraf, Dr. John F. Demartini, Lisa Nichols, Mark Randolph, Steven Kotler, Bob Proctor, and many of the authors from The Secret, to name a few. Currently, her process includes posting a teaser clip of the episode on Instagram (where it generally garners over one million views and is generously shared, which is why she chooses to keep posting there) and emailing her list extensively. 

Then, to access the full episode, followers are directed to Apple, Spotify, or any one of the main podcasting platforms.        

Natasha is also a fan, and huge proponent, of social audio. 

“I absolutely love social audio. It’s the voice of the soul… the thing that is authentic to YOU. It is each individual person without filters and distractions. It gives everyone the opportunity to shine—the chance to either listen, learn, teach, or speak.” 

Natasha joined Clubhouse after multiple friends, including Daymond John, introduced her to the app. 

“I was totally overwhelmed at first, because I didn’t understand it. And I didn’t know anybody. But then I’d turn up in a room, and people would bring me on stage, which I enjoyed. I was just getting my toes wet, really, but I also have massive FOMO. I was like, ‘I’ve only got a few thousand followers, and I missed the first six months.’ So, I got off the app. 

“But then somebody invited me to a room they were hosting that sounded really interesting. And he was like, ‘Look, you’ve got millions of followers on Instagram. Can’t you teach us how to do it?’ So I decided to try Clubhouse again. I ultimately decided I love being on stage, so I created my own rooms. My following grew nicely from there.”

Natasha’s rooms aren’t about her, though—they’re always about others, and she likens her conversations to a “spiritual church without religion and dogma, for everybody and anybody.

“It’s a space for thought leaders and the like to come together. We all speak our minds and pour love, wisdom, and knowledge into the audience. It’s a beautiful place to connect.”

Specifically, Natasha and her guests provide real-time mentoring around the secrets of the Law of Attraction—a widely universal force that, whether we realize it or not, is constantly at play in our lives. 

Rumi once said, “Your pain is your cure.”

Those truly strong and resilient—like Natasha—are able to use their pain and trauma to elevate themselves and others. And her methods for elevating others work—as evidenced by her undeniable ability to not only heal herself, but also hundreds of thousands of others, leading them toward the ultimate goal… abundance. 



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