The Binge-Worthy Podcast: Recommendations from Moms I Know

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In celebration of Mother’s Day, I reached out to moms I know to find out what they have been binge-watching over the last few weeks. While most of them said they have been so busy taking care of everyone else that they have had no time to indulge, some, after a bit of pushing, admitted to joining the ranks of binge-watchers around the world… trusting that their families will be just fine while mom gets a well-deserved break.

 Now, the problem with binge-worthy shows is that they hook you, and then they end. You’re left wanting more. 

My gift to all you mom readers: 

A quick list of great podcasts to keep your binge-watching/listening marathon going! I am even including behind-the-scenes content and deep dives down the rabbit holes of some popular shows (for the new super fan!). 

  1. The Outlander Podcast.

Ok, Outlander fans… this is your opportunity to take a real deep dive into all things Outlander! 

Hosted by Ginger and Summer, this show is 334 episodes strong. Dating back to April 2014, months before the launch of the series, it was created as a way to experience the Outlander journey alongside fellow fans while including some of the co-hosts’ own interests in a fun and entertaining way. 

 “It’s a way to follow matters related to Diana Gabaldon’s books, the Starz production, and other subjects directly, indirectly, or tangentially related to Scotland. In other words, all things Outlander,” Gina says.

  1. The Good Place. 

The official comedy and entertainment podcast for NBC’s show by the same name, if you get sucked into this one, you may find yourself totally relating to the following phrase:

“Holy motherforking shirtballs!” 

Hosted by actor Marc Even Jackson—aka, Shawn, on the show—this podcast is filled with weekly behind-the-scenes content as it goes deep into everything on- and off-screen. 

Each of the 68 episodes features a variety of co-hosts and special guests including actors, writers, and producers. 

  1. The Ozark Podcast.

According to my mom friends, if you have not started watching Ozark yet, get ready to be hooked! As exemplified by its “top show” status on Netflix, people all around the U.S. are loving this show.

The Ozark Podcast offers deep conversations about the show and breakdowns of your favorite moments. And, as is the case with most recap-type podcasts, expect lots of juicy news and gossip, too!

  1. Up Schitt’s Creek: The Podcast.

Co-hosts Lady J and The Duke are best friends… and total Schittheads! Welcoming all fellow Schittheads at the opening of each of their 85+ shows, this is your opportunity to get an even more in-depth view of this mom favorite.

Note: If you are in any way offended by being called a “Schitthead,” steer clear. The hosts tell it like it is, and they definitely live up to the parental advisory badge. It’s witty, funny, and easy to listen to. 

  1. Zoey’s Extraordinary Podcast.

Of all the moms I talked with, this show was the favorite. Even though it’s only in its first season with just 10 episodes, it’s grabbed the hearts of moms everywhere. Truth be told, it grabbed my heart, too. I will even admit it to a few scenes bringing tears to my eyes. 

If you are a fan of the show, you know Zoey is a big fan of podcasts, too.

Well, this fast-paced, funny podcast brings you in closer to Zoey’s character, while also offering news, gossip, and even predictions. 

As someone who also loves podcasts and wants to inspire others to enjoy the medium, here’s my thought: 

Maybe YOU are one of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist lovers, or Schitt’s Creek’s biggest fan, or The Good Place’s, or Outlander’s, or any of the many, many TV shows out there.

Since most of us are still on lockdown, now is the perfect time to start a podcast! 

Yep, I said it. YOU need to start a podcast.

Why not you? 

All you have to do is declare you’re going to do it. 

Then, just do it. 

As you flip through the pages of this issue of Podcast Magazine, imagine joining us—the contributors who are also podcast hosts—and getting to share a topic you’re excited about with all the world! (And, if you happen to be the one to launch a TV or Film related podcast, my next article just might feature you!)

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there reading this magazine… 

Sit back, relax, and check out one of these fun and entertaining podcasts on your special day!



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