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I don’t put ketchup on my hotdog, and I don’t like it when syrup touches my eggs. I’ll gladly argue with anyone who disagrees. For fun. 

“In real life, I don’t like confrontation. But if I were to talk about putting ketchup on a hotdog, I could debate that with anyone forever,” said Hal Lublin in our interview about his podcast, We Got This with Mark and Hal. You may know Hal from Thrilling Adventure Hour and Mark Gagliardi from Drunk History. 

Everyone has strong opinions about things of no consequence. And we love defending them on things like black socks with shorts, or the best Halloween candy or fast-food chain. 

What’s even better is hearing your favorite celebrity debate these ridiculous topics. How about Nathan Fillion talking about the greatest movie trilogy? Or Zachary Levi debating the best candy bar? How about Adam Savage debating Star Wars or Star Trek? 

Seriously, how is this podcast still “Under the Radar”? 

“People are always telling us how much they love yelling at their phone during the episode. It’s seriously the greatest community of listeners.” I concur. The “We Got This” community on Facebook adds so much value and fun to the podcast. 

If you’re ready to debate whether laughter is in fact the best medicine, subscribe to We Got This with Hal and Mark. 


November 2020 Issue



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