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Have you noticed during this pandemic that life is moving so fast—maybe even passing you by? Have you asked yourself, “How do we make the most out of our short time on Earth?” 

That is the question behind the Life is Short podcast with Justin Long.

Justin has been an actor for most of his life, and he really enjoys getting into the head of each character he plays—from his iconic role as the spokesman in the PC Versus Mac Apple Tv commercials to those in Galaxy Quest, Dodgeball, Herbie Fully Loaded, and Live Free Die Hard.

As a fellow voice actor myself, I am also compelled to share some of his voice-over credits: most notably, that of the really exaggerated stoner/skateboard guy… “Do the Dew, man! Mountain Dew!” as well as that of a few different characters on King of the Hill

At 41, he is now peeking inside the heads of some fascinating people—like Rob Lowe, Al Roker, Chelsea Handler, and Dax Shepard to name a few—to learn how they find meaning in life.

This is a good, clean show that is really fun to listen to as Justin brings his boyhood charm and quick wit to each interview. So don’t wait to check it out—because “Life IS Short,” you know. (See what I did there?)


September 2020 Issue

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