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The 80s. A time before the Internet, social media, and phones that control our lives. A decade filled with cassette tapes, VHS, Super Mario Brothers, and cult classics. A decade defined by pop culture, big hair, and a carefree life! 

The culture was awesome. The movies, even better. Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, E.T., Dead Poets Society, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Footloose, The Never Ending Story, Princess Bride, Farris Bueller’s Day Off… truly an endless list of greatness.

That’s why I was excited to stumble upon this new podcast, Buzzn The Tower. The show is a modern guide and fresh look into what is one of the greatest decades of cinema. It gives the feeling of two friends hanging out, bantering over their favorite films. Best of all, you get to hear the conversations most of us used to have—and miss having—in our lives. 

Yes, the show is going “nerd out.” While it was Happy Days in the 70s that defined the nerd, the 80s that made them cool. A little of that 80s magic in the world today would help us remember what it was like to be with our friends watching the movies we love, devouring stories through film, and that connection that defined a generation.

If you love 80s films, don’t put it off… listen to this podcast NOW!


June 2021 Issue

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