Making a Podcast can be Messy!

What happens when one of the primary suspects in a murder case pleads guilty in the middle of the production of season two of your podcast that is solely based on that

UTR: Morning Cup of Murder

  Some people really love true crime… so much so, it becomes more than a category to listen to while walking your dog or a TV show to watch some nights before

UTR: The Great Fail

  Sometimes, podcasts cross categories. The Great Fail succeeds at doing so well!  At first, you may think you are listening to a typical true-crime podcast, with openings such as “In March

Go ‘Inside Crime’ with Angeline Hartmann

In May, many of us celebrate both Mothers’ Day and Police Week. That makes this feature particularly special, and why I chose to highlight Angeline Hartmann—mom, Emmy-award-winning broadcast journalist, and host of

UTR: Martinis & Murder

  When I was a kid and snuck a sip of my mom’s martini, I hated it. “It’s an acquired taste,” she told me. Ironically, that’s how I feel about Martinis &

UTR: Officer Down Memorial Podcast

  Many people, myself included, will point to Derek Chauvin as the exception—not the example—of a police officer today. Having worked with law enforcement for nearly two decades, I can tell you