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Many people, myself included, will point to Derek Chauvin as the exception—not the example—of a police officer today. Having worked with law enforcement for nearly two decades, I can tell you that 99% are professionals of high character. 

They do an extremely difficult job that seems to get more dangerous and complicated every year… one that takes far too many of their lives. The Officer Down Memorial Podcast is dedicated to those heroes.

In each episode, Sheriff Scott Rose—a 20+ year law enforcement veteran from Minnesota—shares the stories of how these men and women lost their lives in the line of duty. Many of the episodes are produced in a storytelling format and include commentary from the families left behind, which adds a personal element. 

This show is a stark reminder that, on this Fathers’ Day, some sons and daughters will be visiting their law-enforcement dad’s memorial instead of setting up a grill.

Older accounts are written using historical documents and newspaper records. These don’t seem to work (or hold attention) as well, as they consist only of Sheriff Rose’s reading a story. 

Overall, the goal of this podcast is met: to honor fallen heroes, help us remember their service, remind us to support the families they left behind, and never forget their sacrifice.


June 2021 Issue

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