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Sometimes, podcasts cross categories. The Great Fail succeeds at doing so well! 

At first, you may think you are listening to a typical true-crime podcast, with openings such as “In March of 1997, a body was found…” from the “Bre-X: Fool’s Gold” episode. 

But you quickly realize that it’s something refreshingly different.

Debra Chen (mother of two, in celebration of Mothers’ Day!) brilliantly hosts this true-crime inspired podcast that examines the greatest success stories of prominent and prolific companies, brands, and people, as well as what led to their demise. 

If you love true crime and stories of massive failures, you will love The Great Fail

Taking a forensic look at stories that will often shock you, the show crosses over into the business category, including a business-education factor as Debra delves into the avoidable mistakes that have ended the lives of companies and left boardrooms looking like crime scenes.

This podcast is also practical, in that all episodes are between 20 and 25 minutes in length. This makes them perfect for that quick walk or run, which is also especially valuable during these unusual times while gyms are closed. To that end, be sure to listen to the “Special COVID-19 Episode: Whistleblower from Wuhan.” 

Bottomline: If you are a business professional who loves true crime, The Great Fail is meant for you.


May 2020 Issue

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