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Some people really love true crime… so much so, it becomes more than a category to listen to while walking your dog or a TV show to watch some nights before going to bed.

Some people need it 24/7. For those folks, there is Morning Cup of Murder. If you just have to have that true-crime fix on the way to work, this podcast provides episodes in a nice ten-to-fifteen-minute package. 

Don’t equate short with low quality. Host Korina Biemesderfer does a splendid job of storytelling and enticing listeners to tune in. 

There’s something for every true-crime fan: tales of murder, abduction, serial killers, passion crimes, cults, and more. With over 600 episodes, if by some chance you don’t like the one you choose, just stay tuned for the next one. It’s much like the weather in my hometown of Chicago—if you don’t like it, just wait about ten minutes, and it will change.

This podcast provides a nice alternative from the long-series formats. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy a number of shows that cover one case for more than a baker’s dozen of episodes. But sometimes, you only have a 20-minute drive ahead of you.

Bottom line: Morning Cup of Murder should be on your list of favorites.


July 2021 Issue

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