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When I was a kid and snuck a sip of my mom’s martini, I hated it. “It’s an acquired taste,” she told me.

Ironically, that’s how I feel about Martinis & Murder. At first listen, it didn’t go down the way I had expected. Initially, it seemed as though hosts John Thrasher and Daryn Carp weren’t taking the cases very seriously.

That’s why you have to listen to more than one episode of any podcast—because it quickly became clear that they were respectful when discussing the victims in the cases. 

They were simply making light of some heavy situations and having some fun. It’s that levity and their personal stories that draw you in. I can easily see how they developed a strong cult following.

Given the name of the podcast, there are a few libations discussed and consumed during each episode. Matt, the bartender, serves the drinks and speaks through a voice changer that distorts his speech much like a kidnapper on a phone call. I’m not sure I ever got used to that.

Of course, once Martinis & Murder appeared on my radar, the podcast concluded on 2/6/21, as the contracts John and Daryn had with Oxygen expired. But you still have over 200 episodes to choose from if you’re looking for something different. And for you raving fans, you will be happy to hear that the hosts started a new podcast.


April 2021 Issue

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