UTR: The History of Ireland

  Hosted by Kevin Dolan, The History of Ireland offers bite-sized pieces of Ireland’s history in a seemingly ongoing lesson. Diving into the juicer parts of Ireland’s history, including stories of spies

UTR: The Canon Ball

  A podcast should have a point to make and an audience in mind. The Canon Ball is the epitome of that. If you’re a history buff and a literature aficionado, these

UTR: The Past & The Curious

  As a homeschooling dad, we’re always looking for extra material to help the kids learn. The Past & The Curious has been great as it keeps the kids (and me) entertained. 

UTR: Footnoting History

  Footnoting History cycles through multiple hosts each season (all of whom have graduate degrees in the history field and a passion for the crevices of history not commonly explored). Each host’s

Historical Significance with Brevity

As a middle and high school history teacher in Romania, Scott Allsop wanted to find a way to go beyond educational standards by adding a creative flair to his lectures. He also

Storymore Brings History Alive

A Welcome Revolution For The Blind Community Since the 20s, movies have been the premiere form of entertainment across the globe. Movie stars, the Oscars, soundtracks, and award shows have captured the