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As a homeschooling dad, we’re always looking for extra material to help the kids learn. The Past & The Curious has been great as it keeps the kids (and me) entertained. 

The Past & The Curious is a history podcast that provides interesting, funny, and inspirational stories about things that happened in the past. They cover spies, George Washington, the early years of cartooning and ballooning, and more. 

It was started by some science buffs with a passion for kids. Producing it in their spare time, they put together stories from history that will make you smile. Many of them you’ll likely have never heard of, which is always a pleasure. 

One thing that separates The Past & The Curious from other podcasts is its use of music. Instead of just using it as a background all the time, they often highlight it as the subject itself. It’s also loaded with quizzes and guest storytellers.

Start with Episode 32, which tells the story of an 1876 Bath County, Kentucky event. For a few hours on the afternoon of March 3rd, it appeared to rain meat, just like the animated movie Cloudy with Meatballs. Mick Sullivan, the founder of The Past & The Curious, retells the story from the point of view of the meat trying to figure out where it came from.


March 2021 Issue

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