Everything about ArtCurious exudes class.  Jennifer Dasal’s voice is classy, as are the episodes themselves. The carefully curated advertising, beautiful website, and curiosity-provoking content—like what Jennifer will cover during her upcoming trip

UTR: History of the 90’s

  Each episode of History of the 90’s delivers a great snapshot of what it meant to live in that decade. From the OJ Simpson verdict to Beanie Babies, host Kathy Kenzora

When the Wind Shows Up

Five years ago, Aaron Mahnke spent his evenings writing supernatural thriller novels with a splash of folklore (and a lowball glass of bourbon).  With the intention of creating a free giveaway that

Exploring The: Wonders of the World

The Wonders of the World podcast is not just a history podcast. It is that, of course, but also so much more. When host Caroline Vahrenkamp takes you to visit the wonder


Pontifacts is not the only podcast that focuses on the popes, but it is certainly the most entertaining.  It is presented by Bry and Fry, two very funny women who obviously have

UTR: American Epistles

  American Epistles is a true gem of a podcast. Susan Otchere brings history to life through the letters she has discovered and shares with listeners. These letters, as well as other

UTR: Conflicted: A History Podcast

  As the name suggests, this is a podcast that looks at conflicts. This does not necessarily mean wars; as the tagline claims, it attempts to untangle history’s greatest controversies.  A good

The Rest is History

Many history podcasters are keen amateurs who have turned their pastime into a way of life. Yet despite being novices in the podcasting medium, Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook are well-regarded, popular,

UTR: Our Fake History

  Our Fake History is one of the most enjoyable history podcasts out there. The presenter, Sebastian Major, is great fun, a really enjoyable person to spend time with. The concept is

Zack Twamley: a podcasting powerhouse

Zack Twamley has been podcasting since May 2012 and is well known in the history podcasting community as someone who produces a huge volume of podcasts.  Zack is still a young man