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Each episode of History of the 90’s delivers a great snapshot of what it meant to live in that decade. From the OJ Simpson verdict to Beanie Babies, host Kathy Kenzora shares the most memorable moments that made the 90’s the 90’s. 

For example, an episode called “Girl Power” shares the change in the lives of adolescent females after the boom of teen magazines and the new idea of the “perfect girl.” It rolled out the somewhat new term “self-esteem” and the phrase “girl power,” and launched a frenzied culture of women empowerment via influences like Shania Twain and the Spice Girls. 

Another episode dives into the birth of online dating and our evolving perspectives on the formation of relationships. 

Another shares details about Columbine. Kenzora addresses the impact of the tragedy—especially since the world watched it unfold live on television. 

It’s episodes like these that share how the 90’s changed the world. Covering a variety of topics that accurately define the 90’s—a decade where communism and apartheid ended and technology took off—Kenzora, who was a reporter at the time, now continues to share pieces of history in an informative way that highlights their impact. 

April 2020 Issue

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