Letter From The Executive Editor - Kelly Poelker

April 2022 Letter From the Editor

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If we’ve not had the opportunity to meet, hello! I’m Kelly Poelker, Executive Editor of Podcast Magazine®. 

I’m writing today in response to the social media posts voicing concern over the lack of representation of women in last month’s Art of Editing article from our Category Director for Religion & Spirituality, Eric Nevins.  

Yes, the article did feature male editors. And it is true that Eric could have written about women, as well, for a more balanced representation. However, it was by no means intentionally exclusionary to women. 

As a publication, we make a concerted effort in each and every issue to ensure our content reflects diversity and inclusion as a whole—not only as it pertains to the cover features and stories highlighted, but also to the content within. 

That said, it’s simply not feasible, space wise nor for the nature of all editorial, to cover each and every group in every single article. 

We believe our history reflects fair representation, and inclusion, of members of ALL races, creeds, colors, beliefs… and genders. 12 of our last 26 covers have featured women, with more than a third of those representing women of color, ethnicity, and sexuality. Since our inception in 2020, we have featured women podcasters in hundreds of articles. 

In last month’s issue, Paris Hilton was our featured cover story. Interior articles and features included all the women and men who were identified in our inaugural 22 Unsung Heroes List, a brilliant mom who is making a difference with her show on parenting LGBTQ teens (Kids & Family), and a highly inspirational transgender host in the History feature who speaks to how her transition has impacted her podcast in a male-dominated category.

We make people visible! People from all walks of life—male, female, non-binary, transgender, gay, straight, Black, White, American, Indian, African American, and anyone else—who have a shared interest in podcasting. 

Each May, we feature the Top Moms in Podcasting, and in June, the Top Dads in Podcasting, as voted by podcasting fans around the world. We’ve done issues honoring veterans, kids in podcasting, and more. 

In 2022, we’re introducing even more “listicles,” like our already published Top Influencers in Podcasting, Unsung Heroes in Podcasting, and this month’s 40 Under 40 in Podcasting. 

For all, we invite everyone to cast their nominations, thereby providing multiple opportunities for readers and fans to let us know who we can recognize (and may not know about) for their contributions to the podcasting space.

This experience has brought to light the fact that one’s first impression of Podcast Magazine may not be through anything but the reading of a single article on our website. We recognize that not everyone reads the magazine from cover to cover (though I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to ). 

Are we claiming perfection, here? Of course not. Are we continuously learning, along with the rest of the world, how to maneuver our way through alternate ways of thinking and remain an unbiased media outlet? Yes. 

We can and always will strive to be even better.  

Podcast Magazine is a fan-focused publication priding itself on not only featuring interviews with today’s most-recognized podcasters, but also in helping our readers discover shows and people they haven’t heard of, by shining the spotlight on podcasts that do not receive the recognition they rightfully deserve. 

Make no mistake: 

Our mission is to elevate the podcast industry one issue (and article) at a time. 

In that mission, I do believe that we, our fans, and our critics, are aligned. 

There are real, genuine, caring people behind this publication… a very diverse group of human beings who put their heart and soul into making every issue the best it can be for each and every one of our readers.

Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated. In fact, we encourage it, as we believe it has the power to open conversations… when provided in a healthy manner.

I’ve included my email and phone number below. Feel free to reach out. Together, we will grow. 

Enjoy the issue!

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