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August 2022 Letter From the Editor

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Letter From The Executive Editor




  • 1.
    (of a person, action, or idea) showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous.

It’s funny, I’m a person who typically has plenty to say about any given topic. That is… Until it comes time to write this letter. Then I suddenly get a creative block – go figure!

I have circled around various topics in my mind… Gratitude, not only for our readers but for our fabulous team who makes this publication possible every month… Asking you, as the reader, what you want to see in the pages of Podcast Magazine… Something around the wonderful folks who were nominated for our 40 Over 40 feature this month… The fact that my daughter is one of the biggest fans of Crime Junkie and Ashley Flowers to walk this planet. So many possible directions that ultimately led me to seeking out one word that is clearly a defining quality and characteristic of all and that is the word bold. 

It might be out of character for me to be writing the letter this month on such a topic given that our Editor In-Chief, Steve Olsher, is actually known as Mr. Bold. (Still wish you had held onto those license plates, Steve!). I guess he’s rubbed off on me a bit over the last seven years.

The pages of our magazine are filled with an abundance of BOLD people. Whether they are the writer, the interviewee, the nominated winner of any of our lists, made it on the Hot 50 or in the Off The Charts… each of them had the confidence and the courage to take the risk to share their message and their talents with the masses via podcasting. 

It’s not uncommon to read in the Beyond the Microphone interviews that the person was drawn to start their podcast, not knowing if anyone would listen but they knew they had to get their message out so they did it – they keep doing it – episode after episode. For that, we congratulate all of you for being so bold and for sticking it out and sharing what you have to say to impact others

Whether you’re making people laugh in a comedy show, offering the greatest business tips and resources, helping to unravel the mysteries of a crime committed, or just plain speaking your mind… We’re glad you did it. We see you. We hear you. Thank you for being the creative genius you are. Thank you for being BOLD!


P.S. We always welcome feedback from our readers so please let us hear from you! Maybe we’ll bring back the Conversation Corner to highlight what you have to say. 

And Ashley… Will you autograph a copy of this issue for my daughter? 😀


August 2022 Issue

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