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American Epistles is a true gem of a podcast. Susan Otchere brings history to life through the letters she has discovered and shares with listeners. These letters, as well as other oral sources, tell the story of the U.S. through the experiences of the “ordinary” people who lived it. Susan puts the letters into context, so the listener has a clear understanding of the moment the writer is living through before reading extensively from the letters.

The podcast covers topics in multi-episode series. This format allows Susan to go deep into any given subject. Episode titles include “The Great Migration,” “Women’s Welfare Work in WWI,” and “Freedom Summer ’64.” There was an extensive series on “Elinore Rupert”—the Wyoming homesteader, and another on Chinese immigration has just begun.

American Epistles comes highly recommended as a true original that approaches history from an angle we rarely hear from—the immigrant who just arrived at Ellis Island or the WWII soldier writing to his sweetheart back home. Susan is a wonderful host discovering “our country, one letter at a time.” Her clear voice is perfect for narrating these stories, some of which can be quite painful to listen to and use language that could sound jarring if treated less sensitively.


February 2022 Issue

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