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Hosted by Kevin Dolan, The History of Ireland offers bite-sized pieces of Ireland’s history in a seemingly ongoing lesson. Diving into the juicer parts of Ireland’s history, including stories of spies and assassins, each short-form episode is centered around the stand-out characters and events that occurred after the Irish War of Independence.

Making it clear that he is not a historian, but an enthusiast who moved to Australia and realized he wanted to learn more about his home country, Dolan shares the stories with a calming enthusiasm that makes you mentally lean in. Episodes are light-hearted, well-researched, and go by in a flash—especially since they seem to average around 15 minutes each. Dolan also reminds you of anecdotes mentioned in previous episodes, which makes everything link together nicely. 

Overall, the podcast provides an interesting look into the history of Ireland from someone who wanted to learn more about his country’s history alongside his listeners.


June 2020 Issue

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