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The first decision a podcaster needs to make (after deciding on the subject matter) is where to pitch the knowledge level. This is where Mark Painter of The History of the 20th Century Podcast is note-perfect.

This podcast looks at the history of the 20th century, each episode examining a period in time. In chronological order, Mark unearths some genuinely interesting information, like the opening of the institution that pioneered gender-reassignment surgery in Berlin in 1919. It’s one thing to know of The Weimar Republic, but it’s another thing to learn this kind of nugget. 

That is the X-factor when creating a podcast. 

There is a lot of social, military, and political history covered in the podcast, but Mark’s study of inventions is particularly interesting. The early wireless episode was excellent—listen to it to find out why American radio stations start with either a “K” or “W.”

Mark is an engaging and unassuming host, and you can tell he’s done his research. Between the facts and storytelling, there are just enough dry witticisms to prevent it from being a lecture in the form of a podcast. 

The History of the 20th Century Podcast is a tour de force when it comes to looking at the societies, culture, countries, and personalities that formed the 20th century.


August 2021 Issue

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