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Footnoting History cycles through multiple hosts each season (all of whom have graduate degrees in the history field and a passion for the crevices of history not commonly explored). Each host’s personality comes across in the show, adding a fresh variety to each episode. Featuring widely unknown stories from the past, the people or events covered are considered “understated pieces of history.” 

For instance, when you think of the Declaration of Independence, you likely think of Johnsh Hancock’s signature. Right? The fact that a woman—Mary Katharine Goddard—also signed the document is hardly ever even mentioned in history class. Jane Austen fanatics might identify the name Thomas Lefroy as Austen’s main romantic interest, but what they might not know is that she was engaged (and then un-engaged less than 24 hours later) to a man named Harris Bigg-Wither! (This was a personal shock to me.) 

The length of each episode varies as much as the hosts. I like choosing the episodes I listen to based on both the topic and amount of time I have. I’m also excited for their new series, “Footnoting Disney,” which will cover the cultural influences that inspired the stories of Disney trademarks like The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Little Mermaid. Should be a good listen!


March 2020 Issue

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