UTR: Barren

  Every now and then, it’s nice to have a quick, short fiction podcast to listen to. Barren, a horror podcast, is one such show. Each of the six episodes is less

Jabberwocky: Celebrating Nonsense

There is a time and place for nonsense. Lewis Carroll, having written some of the most famous literary works of nonsense—including his “Jabberwocky” poem in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland—would likely agree.

UTR: The Phenomenon

  Imagine waking up one morning to alerts from the Emergency Broadcast System: Stay inside. Keep your blinds closed. And, whatever you do … Don’t look at the sky. That’s how the

Janus Descending: A Dichotomous Perspective

It’s never been so quiet… so dark. There’s something about the press of absolute silence, the whole consuming blackness that leaves me just a little… I don’t know… breathless. Janus is the

UTR: Tanis

  Seeking Tanis. Runner Available. A mysterious ad on Craigslist and an otherwise-unmemorable short story published in Strange Worlds magazine called Where Is Tanis is the inspiration for Tanis, the podcast. From

The Bright Sessions

New patient. Session 1. Female. Mid-twenties. No history of psychological counseling. She was skittish when making her appointment. Condition unknown. We’ve all heard the stories of businesses that were started in a

UTR: Station Blue

  Cute penguins aside, there’s something inherently creepy about Antarctica.  I suspect it’s the feeling of getting a pretty decent glimpse of what being in outer space might be like. Sure, there’s

UTR: Deadly Manners

  On the surface, this podcast seems like it would be right up my alley. A snowed-in dinner party during which guests are murdered, one by one, ala Agatha Christie’s And Then