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Raise your hand if you like to watch do-it-yourself handyman shows on the DYI network and dream about finding your own amazing fixer-upper, doing the work, and then flipping it for oodles of cash?

(Anyone? I can’t be the only one.)

Well, if your hand is up, I have a question: 

What if you realized that dream only to find that the fabulous deal you got wasn’t actually because the house seriously needed a kitchen upgrade, but because it was haunted?

That’s the premise of Haunted House Flippers, a comedy-fiction podcast.

Tom inherits his grandfather’s old home, and he and his wife Janet decide to flip it. But alas, the house is haunted.

An even bigger problem, though, is that the only person who realizes it’s haunted is Tom.

Haunted House Flippers is a cute, fun podcast, especially if you like shows about ghost hunting or house flipping (or both!). 

Technically, the show is sound. The writing and sound effects are pretty good as is most of the acting. The only negative is some of the acting is a little inconstant, sometimes sounding a little stilted, like the actor is reading. 

But, it’s not enough to detract from the overall enjoyment of the podcast.

If you like a little goofy comedy to lighten your day, definitely check out Haunted House Flippers.


March 2021 Issue

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