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Between light and dark, between rational and irrational, this is where these stories live. Gather ‘round and explore the Stories From The In Between.

Stories From The In Between—originally known as Pi_rational Stories—is the first fiction podcast from Crawlspace Media. 

It’s an anthology podcast, but the stories do occasionally span several episodes. The writing is lovely… very lyrical, more like a novel than an audio script.

BUT, it is VERY dark. This is from someone who loves psychological thrillers and classic Stephen King novels, and even I was a bit taken aback by how dark they are. So be warned.

This one is definitely in the horror genre, not for gore or scare factor, but because of the very dark subject matter.

For instance, the first story under the new branding is a pretty dark take on a Christmas story. 

Along with spinning yarns about the dark side of humanity, the stories themselves are also thought-provoking. After all, part of being human means we experience both light and shadow. Too often, we shy away from our shadow parts, which is never a good thing.

Overall, if you’re looking for something a little different, something that stretches your imagination and has you pondering what you think you know in new and unique ways, and you’re not afraid to dabble on the edges of the dark, you may want to give Stories From The In Between a try.

But maybe don’t listen alone.


February 2021 Issue

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