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The podcast One Hundred Words is a novel concept. Marilisa Valtazanou reads an original story of exactly 100 words every day without fail. What a commendable feat!

The regularity of her content is as impressive as Seth Godin’s commitment to publishing daily blog posts. After all, any serious writer knows that if you want to hone your craft and become prolific, writing every day is a must. 

Marilisa’s decision to leave her full-time job in December 2020 to build a new freelance career, which includes making music and writing, seems to have been a wise one. Her stated aim “to have more time and freedom to create” is paying off to the benefit of listeners, who can rely on her for a daily dose of imaginative storytelling.

The stories, told from the point of view of the omniscient narrator, reveal the memories, hopes, and fears of carefully crafted characters. They feel so incredibly real that we recognize either ourselves or someone we know in many of them. We feel like we know them intimately. 

Marilisa’s ability to draw us into characters’ thoughts and feelings in just 100 words is phenomenal.

The lilt of her accent, her clear enunciation, and the soothing quality of her voice are the icing on the cake.

One Hundred Words is a daily treat not to be missed!


May 2022 Issue

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