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Every now and then, it’s nice to have a quick, short fiction podcast to listen to.

Barren, a horror podcast, is one such show.

Each of the six episodes is less than 20 minutes, so it can easily be worked into other, longer, podcast-listening schedules.

In, out, and boom! You’re done and on to the next.

In Barren, radio reporter Peter Sommers returns home to where his grandparents inexplicitly set their crops on fire and walked into the blaze.

He records what he finds and sends the tapes back to his producer. In addition to getting to the bottom of why his grandparents would do such a thing, there’s also some pretty twisted family secrets revealed.

And the townspeople aren’t very cooperative, either.

It’s a pretty standard horror story at first, but without the gore (yay!), and it has a really neat twist at the end I didn’t see coming. That alone made it worth listening to, especially since it is such a fast listen.

Barren isn’t as heavily produced as some other podcasts; it’s fairly simple with just a few sound effects and other voices (other than Peter’s), but as the story itself is also fairly simple, it works.

If you’re looking for a fun, twisty horror podcast with a cool editing, I would definitely give Barren a try. (Be sure to start with episode one and listen to them in order.)


January 2021 Issue

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