If you’d like insight into a day in the life of music teachers who are training the next generation of musicians, you’ve got to listen to AMusEd. You’ll hear all about

UTR: This Podcast Will Kill You

  This show is hosted by disease ecologists and epidemiologists Erin Welsh, PhD, (who studies tick-borne disease transmission in wildlife populations) and Erin Allmann Updyke, PhD, (who is currently working her way

UTR: The Wicked Funny Podcast

  Comedy podcasts are supposed to make you laugh, right? When taking over this category in late 2021, I thought it would create a nice balance from the often-harsh world of true

UTR: Grant Writing Simplified

  Teresa Huff, a special-ed-teacher-turned-grant-writer, offers grant-related guidance that ranges from looking for grants to advanced grant-writing techniques to non-profit fundraising. The audience is primarily non-profit, but some of the skills and

UTR: Homesteady

  Ever been curious about “Why Training a NEW MILK COW Is AWFUL at First…” or how to raise pigs for less, or how to escape the city and start a farm?

UTR: Talking Head Pain

  Anyone who has ever suffered the debilitating effects of a migraine likely desires a treatment solution or way to cope. Fortunately, Talking Head Pain offers valuable information that may help bring

UTR: Haunted House Flippers

  Raise your hand if you like to watch do-it-yourself handyman shows on the DYI network and dream about finding your own amazing fixer-upper, doing the work, and then flipping it for

UTR: The Endless Ocean

  There’s always been something mysterious about the ocean. Everything from the areas too deep for us to explore to the strange creatures we are still discovering to ships that simply disappear,


  What do you get when you combine Victorian London in the 1800s with spaceships and science geniuses? The audio drama podcast BRASS, that’s what. BRASS is a steampunk fantasy adventure set

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