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Anyone who has ever suffered the debilitating effects of a migraine likely desires a treatment solution or way to cope. Fortunately, Talking Head Pain offers valuable information that may help bring relief. 

This podcast “confronts pain head on.” It is part of the Global Healthy Living Foundation’s podcast network, which is using audio to reach those living with chronic disease.

The show is hosted by migraine advocate Joe Coe. His soothing conversational tone is just right, considering the audience. Gentle sound effects and background music also lighten a topic that might otherwise feel like it’s weighing the audience down.

Cluster headaches, which often go undiagnosed for several years, are also explained on the podcast. This could be life-changing for someone who is suffering from the symptoms without getting the appropriate treatment. 

The podcast’s interview format with a wide variety of guests and experts is brilliant, because listeners get an opportunity to hear how people are managing their migraines in different ways. Hopefully, one of the solutions offered is a good fit for a listener who needs it. 

When Joe pointed out that we are the “experts on our own experiences” and advised us to approach medical care as a partnership, it felt worthy of a standing ovation.

If you or anyone you love is dealing with intense pain, Talking Head Pain is a must-listen. 


April 2022 Issue

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