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2022 40 Under 40 in Podcasting

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In the world of podcasting, you’ll find no shortage of outstanding individuals who are passionate about their topic of influence and choose to bring it forth via the medium we, as podcast fans, love. This month, we asked for your help in identifying 40 Under Forty podcasters who are already compiling an impressive list of accomplishments in the podcasting industry, from supporting their families to regularly transforming not only the media, but listeners worldwide. Congratulations to all! 


Derrick Murphy, aka “D. Murph,” 39, is the host of Why Not Sports w/D. Murph and Flagrant 2 w/D. Murph. A family man who is career-oriented, he is one of the most versatile content creators in the podcast community, which he positively influences as he highlights stories from all walks of life. Nearing 500 episodes, he strives to provide consistent content for his listeners as he hosts multiple podcasts and speaks not only at podcast events, but schools, as well, as he takes pride in being a mentor to kids.

Arielle Nissenblatt, 29, is the founder of EarBuds Podcast Collective and host of Feedback with EarBuds. About to celebrate their five-year anniversary, the EarBuds Podcast Collective is a listening movement bringing the diverse, eclectic, and ever-growing podcast universe directly to listeners. Arielle sends a weekly theme-based podcast recommendation email complete with five podcast episodes on that theme. She has never missed one, which speaks to her commitment and character. Arielle also shares podcast tips, industry news, and bonus recommendations with listeners. She is truly an industry leader and expert who is known and respected in the industry for her knowledge and deep passion for all things podcasting.

Colin Jeffries, 33, is the vice president of marketing for BrightView Health and host of The Rethink Marketing Podcast. A “brilliant” marketer and trusted advisor in the marketing podcast space, he is the type of influencer people stop and listen to. His optimism is infectious, and he is passionate about learning and sharing. On his podcast, he interviews A-level leaders in the sales and marketing space. He is funny and compassionate, and the deserving recipient of the American Marketing Association Pinnacle Awards and was also named as 40 under 40 by LEAD Tribune Media in 2021.

Hala Taha, 33, is the CEO of Yap Media (a marketing agency for top podcasters, celebrities, and CEOs) and host of Young and Profiting—a show frequently ranked as a number-one education podcast across apps. Well-known for her engaged following and influence on LinkedIn, she started her career in radio production while still in college and later launched an entertainment news blog site, “The Sorority of Hip Hop,” where she led an all-female team of 50 bloggers. It is rare to find anyone as dedicated and ambitious as Hala, as she strives to not only grow her own show, but to build a network and help other podcasters.

Eli Dvorkin, 39, vice president of Brand and Talent Partnerships, is a founding member of—and incomparable asset to—PodcastOne. He has truly “done it all,” including bringing winning talent to the network and developing content for multiple Apple-ranking shows. He is truly dedicated to and embedded in every aspect of the success of the company. He knows what audiences want, so he seeks it out and obtains it. Eli “takes big swings and hits a homerun almost every time,” as he knows the podcasting business inside and out.

Dream Big | Eva KarpmanEva Karpman, 12, is the host of the Dream Big podcast—ranked number one in the Kids & Family Category and considered “the ultimate personal growth resource for kids”—and the Lovely Homestead podcast. Her motto: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” And she’s setting the example, by living her own dream to “inspire 10 million people to live a more organic and sustainable lifestyle” via the Lovely Homestead

Ray Bourcier, 39, is a stay-at-home father, conscious parent coach, and host of From Surviving to Thriving, a show dedicated to helping parents overcome anxiety and depression. With a passion for helping others, his mission is to help transform the lives and impact the worlds of eleven million parents, to help them become the parents they’ve always needed and that their kids need them to be. He “has a heart of gold,” and after only one month of hosting his show, he was a Captivate featured podcaster—who described the show as “geared toward helping parents break the cycle of issues and learn how to support and be supported.”

Caitlin Grant, 31, is the creator and host of Plug It Up, a podcast that explores the “monstrous feminine” within the horror genre of movies. It all started with “monstrous menstruation,” and now, she also covers “monstrous motherhood” as well as other female tropes common to the horror genre. She brings such passion to podcasting, working so hard to make sure she thoroughly researches the movie she is covering and doing a great job balancing personal content on her podcast.

Loud Mouf StereoGregory Alston, 33, is the co-host of Loud Mouf Stereo Podcast and the host of the Young Black & Bothered podcast. A hard worker known as a consistent content creator, he also hosts a YouTube channel on tech products. Greg goes out of his way to support—and share podcast resources—with others.

Catherine King, 25, is the director, producer, and host of Corinium’s in-house podcasts for tech news as well as the HICAMO podcast. An “incredibly proactive” D&I champion, her passion for ensuring all voices within the data and analytics community feel welcome and represented is unmatched and incredibility refreshing. She also directs and hosts the BoD’s Leading Female Executive monthly LinkedIn Live virtual roundtables. She strives to ensure her podcast remains as balanced as possible by featuring guests from all walks of life.

George Acheampong, 34, is the founder of Capitalwize, a financial planning firm, and of Malanin Money, a financial social network and community of minority wealth-builders. He is recognized as a thought leader in personal finance, wealth-building, and entrepreneurship. Podcasting since 2017, he hosts the Melanin Money Show, which epitomizes his desire to super-serve people of color on their journey to building wealth.

Effie Parks, 39, is the producer and host of Once Upon a Gene, a podcast that highlights the challenges parents and families face when raising a child with a rare disease. A “true champion for all in the rare disease community,” Effie brings critical perspective and inspiration to her listener—a community of warriors. A dedicated advocate and excellent role model, she elevates the voice of the rare-disease patient community and “saves lives when people are barely holding on.”

Dom Stephens, 25, is the creator, producer, and host of Spieling the Beans. His life revolves around his love of stories and broadcasting. While earning his PR degree, he hosted and co-created dozens of programs ranging from high-profile interviews to children’s game shows. His podcasting career began when he attended the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where he pitched his idea for a show in which “storytellers tell stories about telling stories.” Dom went from never having hosted a podcast to having a recorded series and several interviews booked by the time he flew home. Now with four seasons complete, the success of the show can be attributed to Don being solely responsible for every aspect of the process—one that normally takes teams to accomplish.

Bailey Bouwman, 37, is the owner and host of the Cloth Diaper Podcast and founder of the Cloth Diaper Network Association. She is an unsung hero to many parents who want to save the planet for future generations. As climate change continues at a drastic rate and Gen Z mothers become more eco-conscious, education about and awareness of modern cloth diapers can help so many families. Bailey is also a very genuine person who just wants the best for business owners and the industry. She organizes global network events, supports all brands, and provides opportunity for visibility on her podcast. She is amazing and plays an important role in creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

Jeremy Ryan Slate, 34, is the founder and host of the Create Your Own Life podcast, through which he studies the highest performers in the world. He specializes in using podcasting and new media to create trust and opinion-leader status. In Apple Podcasts, he was ranked number one in the business category. He and his wife founded Command Your Brand to help visionary founders use the power of podcasts to change the world. He is devoted to helping others succeed and has a tireless work ethic.

Heather Steinker, 37, is the founder of Chaos n’ Cookies, a business and podcast by the same name designed to help “keep moms from crumbling.”  With more than 10 years’ experience in helping women entrepreneurs build six- and seven-figure businesses, she now uses her genius in marketing on social media to help others simplify systems and automate processes to get their business up and running. A “business force to be reckoned with,” she’s also a dynamic podcast host known for relating so well to her audience that they become raving fans. This has helped keep her show around #80 of the top parenting podcasts in the U.S. and #6 in Mexico.

Hank Fuerst, 36, is the senior director of distribution for the Ramsey Network. Known for being a hard-working team player, his enthusiasm is invigorating as he connects with his employees on a real level. He has led the network for over seven years, driving a collection of top podcasts in the world, including The Ramsey Show, which reached one billion downloads last year. Additionally, Hank has overseen self-syndication to over 650 radio stations across the U.S. He’s helped launch the Borrowed Future podcast to Apple’s overall top 10, and his network is in the top .05% of podcasts in the world. He clearly puts his listeners first.

Jenn TrepeckJenn Trepeck, 38, is an optimal health coach, business consultant, and host of the Salad with a Side of Fries podcast. A hard-working, highly motivated “force of nature” in the wellness space, she consistently builds her podcast’s reach and audience without spending a dime on advertising.  A seasoned interviewer, her show has garnered 100,000 downloads in less than two-and-a-half years. Jenn’s platform is built upon decades of experience as a wellness advisor guiding clients toward their happiest, healthiest lives. Through her podcast, she is truly transforming the state of healthcare by empowering her clients and listeners to reclaim control of their wellness.

Ian Kehoe | NecronomipodIan Kehoe, 35, is the host of Necronomipod. A hard-working father who is passionate about podcasting, he supports his family with the show, putting his entire life into producing, writing, editing, promoting, and growing it. 

J Flow, 39, is the family-oriented host of the Enlighten Millionaire Podcast, through which he aims to accomplish his mission of creating one million breakthroughs. He has an exceptional track record of coaching, mentorship, and philanthropy initiatives. It is his life purpose to co-create intellectual property that transforms the human condition, and he helps raise awareness and fundraising for non-profits throughout the world that are committed to making a positive impact.

Jiselle Fernandez, aka “Chanelle,” 28, is the host of the Women in Media podcast. With a bubbly personality and fiery passion for music, she is a “shining, inviting light” from whom to learn. She hosts virtual interviews via Zoom with both artists and women making an impact in the media industry. Topics include new music, projects, tours, origins, and more. Described as “a force to be reckoned with” and multi-tasking “hustler,” Jiselle continuously works toward her dreams. Still, she’s always there for others when they need her.

James Whittaker, 38, is an award-winning keynote speaker, bestselling author, and the creator and host of Win the Day—a highly regarded business-focused podcast. He epitomizes what podcasting is all about, as he entertains and teaches listeners while always giving back more than he takes.

Kacie Willis, 34, is an arts advocate and the creator, host, EP, and editor of the You Heard Me Write podcast. She formed the production company, Could Be Pretty Cool, whose mission is to produce unique creative experiences to inspire community-building through the arts. She has also served as a theatrical sound designer, arts administrator, and speaker for local and national arts and cultural organizations. She created one of the most innovative podcast formats out there, and her creative approach to podcasting is sure to continue blossoming as she endeavors to develop additional non-traditional podcast formats.

Kevin Larney | Wildchat SportKevin Larney, 23, is the founder and host of the Wildchat Sports podcast, which he started from his college dorm room. Interviewing celebrities and top influencers about sports and success, his ultimate goal is to merge the sports and entertainment industries into one singular environment, marketing celebrities as athletes and athletes as celebrities in order to help new talent make a smooth transition post career. To accomplish this goal, he launched a startup digital media company that provides eCommerce, eSports, podcasting, and social media management services to top personalities within the two industries.  

Lorilee Binstock, 37, is the producer and host of A Trauma Survivor Thriver’s Podcast. A trauma survivor and mental health advocate, she has taken her own struggles with trauma and mental illness and turned them into a platform that gives others permission to share their stories. She makes topics generally considered taboo part of everyday discussions. Through her Binstock Media Group, Lorilee hopes to provide several mediums for everyone to digest mental health outside of her successful podcast and her magazine, Authentic Insider.

KC Wayland, 39, is the creator, writer, and producer of the We’re Alive podcast. He originally launched it as a means of coping with his military experience, which included a deployment to Iraq midway through his first semester of college.  Creative and inspiring, he takes his audience on a journey of sound that brings them to new worlds. He is extremely generous with his knowledge and passion for the medium, and his show has garnered over 50 million downloads over the course of its run. KC continues to strive to expand the audio-drama industry while helping others understand and build on the new art wave that is “Theater for the Mind.”

Meredith Edwards, 39, is a model, businesswoman, and host of Meredith for Real. Known as “The Curious Introvert,” she allows her curiosity to lead her to interesting people and stories and then carefully and thoughtfully shares them with her audience. She asks the questions all listeners want answers to while telling the stories others don’t.

Shane Waters, 32, is the CEO, executive producer, and host of the Foul Play podcast. Launched in 2014, his was one of the first true-crime podcasts, making him a frontrunner of the industry. Having earned a college degree in forensic psychology, he started the podcast to help victims and families of unsolved cases. He has since grown his audience to millions of listeners, and the podcast has become part of his ever-growing business, Arc Light Media, which is now home to nine different shows.

Mireya Lopez, 32, is the host of Mothering Anxiety. She takes a very honest look at what it means to raise her child while dealing with anxiety. She is raw and truthful and does an amazing job shedding light on her struggles and triumphs throughout motherhood. Mothers everywhere can benefit from her passion and content, as she serves as an ally and speaks their truth.

David Shands, 39, is a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, and host of the Social Proof Podcast. He is also the founder of the morning meet-up, the only entrepreneur training community in the country that gathers every morning to help entrepreneurs navigate the journey to success. A business coach who specializes in helping people become the best version of themselves, he has brought tons of business owners together and given them tools to become better. His listeners and students have the rare opportunity to learn in real time from his successes and lessons around achieving his goals. A humble host, he asks the right questions of successful business owners. With everything he does, he motivates and empowers.

Neva Lee Recla, 10, is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, influencer, and host of the Leave It to Neva podcast. She also co-hosts the Reclamation Show, where she shares her insights, wisdom, and tips for success alongside her parents. “One of the most thoughtful, articulate young ladies you’ll ever meet,” Neva’s mission is to inspire one million kids to do business and encourage adults to support them.

Karissa Adkins, 36, is an Award-winning international speaker, 2x bestselling author, TV personality of Living Real TV, Founder of 365DailyHustle as well as the host of BossUp Babes Podcast. Karissa has overcome adversity and obstacles that have only made her stronger. She is a true inspiration who has not only achieved success in her field, but who exemplifies excellence all she does. She has the heart and spirit of a leader, and she passionately inspires, motivates, and challenges others to become their best self.

Tyrone Dixon | The Quality of Love PodcastTyrone Dixon, 34, is a nationally certified life/relationship coach, the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Elmcrest, and the host of The Quality of Love Podcast. He is a father, podcaster, and Black man striving to reshape and mold youths and young adults in his community, as he believes everyone has the power within themselves to change their circumstances. 

Sheila Boysen-Rotelli, 38, is a master certified executive leadership coach, TEDx speaker, author, professor, and host of the Professional Success Podcast. Her experience in enabling positive change as a leader across multiple industries and roles empowers her to bring a blend of corporate leadership and understanding of team dynamics into play. She cares deeply about her clients and supports them in growing as leaders, achieving results, and developing their own leadership competencies while designing careers they love. Since becoming a certified coach over a decade ago, she has worked with over 900 clients in all areas of industry. She helps individuals and groups uncover their passion, leadership aptitude, and values, and apply these elements to their lives and work.

Tyler McCuskerTyler McCusker, 33, is the founder of Snippet (the world’s first short-form podcast platform) and CEO and host of Full Album Fridays. After founding KX FM 104.7 in 2012, he grew the station to be the most successful LPFM in the country. In 2021, he launched Snippet, with a mission to deliver meaningful content and unique, original show concepts in a concise and powerful package. 

Sandra Payne, 39, is a former RN, master certified holistic wellness coach, and the host of End the Silence, a podcast sharing the struggles, successes, and stories of nurses working on the front lines of a global pandemic. The stories are real, raw, and sometimes horrific, but all have the same goal: to inspire hope and the possibility for change. Sandra is described as “an incredible human being with a huge heart and desire to make a big impact in her nursing community.”

Charlie MurphyCharlie Murphy, 34, is an actor and the owner and co-director of Musical Theater College Auditions with 20+ years of experience and superlative results. The producer and host of Mapping the College Audition, he is committed to empowering high school students eager to succeed as theater majors in college to find their authentic selves as artists as well as the best fit for their collegiate journey. He furthers his work on his podcast, while helping demystify the intricate theater college audition process. He has a passion for using the power of podcasting to reach students, parents, and young professional actors wherever they are in their journey to becoming thriving artists and performers. 

Emily Silverman, MD, 34, is the founder and host of The Nocturnists, an acclaimed medical storytelling live show and podcast where doctors and other healthcare workers tell personal stories about working in the world of medicine. Dr. Silverman created the podcast as a burned-out medical resident distressed by the inhumanity of the American healthcare system. She is also an internal medicine physician at the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Assistant Professor of Medicine at UCSF. The Nocturnists has uplifted the voices of hundreds of healthcare workers, and Dr. Silverman is considered a visionary creator, exceptionally talented interviewer, and kind, thoughtful, and generous colleague.

Steven Pesavento, 32, is an active investor who helps clients build wealth and cashflow through Commercial Real Estate Investments at VonFinch Capital. As host of the top-rated Investor Mindset Show, he brings together real estate investors to learn and put to use strategies that work. A “great guy who works super hard,” he has flipped over 200 houses in three years. His podcast is 0.5% on Listen Notes and a top 100 ranked show. Steven is “an incredible role model for young entrepreneurs.”

Holly & Kenzie | CrimeaholicsHolly Allen, 30, and Kenzie Durban, 30, are the co-hosts of Crimeaholics. This pair is known for “encapsulating” listeners as they pay excellent attention to the details around unsolved true-crime cases. It’s clear that Holly truly cares about (and puts her heart into) the cases she covers, and that she is dedicated to ensuring the success of the podcast. Kenzie is described as “very down to earth” and is known for her “great energy.” She is passionate about and dedicated to spreading awareness via clear and accurate information, and the work she invests in the show is evident. Both she and Holly are well-spoken, funny, talented podcasters.


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