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Ever been curious about “Why Training a NEW MILK COW Is AWFUL at First…” or how to raise pigs for less, or how to escape the city and start a farm? If you have, Homesteady – Stories of Living off the Land is definitely for you! Listed under “Personal Journals” and hosted by Austin Martin of the Squash Hollow Farm, the show is packed with a 98-episode library covering a broad range of subjects devoted to helping people who dream of living life in a more sustainable way.

Considering collecting herbs? Foraging for wild mushrooms, fishing for your dinner, or raising meat rabbits? Homesteady is a one-stop shop where you can not only be educated, but also entertained with wild stories and wonderous miracles (like surprise piglets! Hint “look for donuts”) that accompany a homesteading lifestyle. Episodes also cover the business of homesteading, how to run profitable farm workshops, and how to decide whether or not it’s time to stop homesteading.

The show appears to be monetized by ads, Amazon affiliate sales, and the opportunity to become a pioneer by joining the forum for exclusive content, courses in homesteading, instructional videos, and community—an all-important ingredient in successful homesteading (along with great fencing!). 

Indulge your “live off the land” fantasies with a binge-listen to this show!


April 2022 Issue

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