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Comedy podcasts are supposed to make you laugh, right? When taking over this category in late 2021, I thought it would create a nice balance from the often-harsh world of true crime. But as I began sifting through this genre, I seemed to mostly come across the boring, the annoying, and the downright not funny podcasts. Just my bad luck, I guess.

I’m glad I dug a little deeper, though, because I fell upon The Wicked Funny Podcast. This show delivers on what should be the primary objective of any program that lists itself in the Comedy Category: IT MAKES YOU LAUGH!

The Wicked Funny Podcast was the first that actually had me laughing in the first 60 seconds. I downloaded another episode the next day, and I was laughing within the first two minutes. 

A few days later, I made the mistake of listening to it while at the gym. The big dude waiting for me to finish on the chest-press machine must’ve thought I was nuts when I couldn’t finish my set because I was laughing so hard.

So, what makes The Wicked Funny Podcast so humorous? It’s relatable. The hosts, Brian Beaudoin, Frank Gazerro, and Katie Arroyo, laugh at themselves and each other about everyday occurrences. 

Sometimes, comedians who are funny in stand-up just aren’t on a podcast. Thankfully, that isn’t the case with The Wicked Funny Podcast.


April 2022 Issue

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