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Teresa Huff, a special-ed-teacher-turned-grant-writer, offers grant-related guidance that ranges from looking for grants to advanced grant-writing techniques to non-profit fundraising. The audience is primarily non-profit, but some of the skills and strategies can be helpful to for-profit companies, as well. 

As companies grow and become entrenched in their communities, service in the form of a non-profit becomes more and more important. Therefore, many businesses today have a goal or desire to start a non-profit arm of their company. 

Grant writing can be very complex, and the information included in these episodes can not only save listeners time in filling out the complicated forms, but it can also help ensure their success… and money! 

Teresa’s format is varied. She has monolog episodes as well as interview episodes. It’s a nice blend of the two, as she utilizes guests to bring her audience a rounded view of grants and fundraising. Her opening suits the show, although it could be a tad shorter. She definitely provides good, solid, actionable steps non-profit organizations can take to spearhead their efforts. 

According to reviews, organizations have successfully upped their grants and fundraising by following her advice, which is so important when every dollar counts!


April 2022 Issue


  1. Thank you Kory for the amazing show recap! I appreciate the feedback and am honored that I get to teach grant writers and nonprofits how to increase their impact!

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