UTR: AI: Decodes the System

  This show debuted in December of 2020 and only has a few episodes. I was expecting content about Artificial Intelligence when I started listening but was pleasantly surprised to discover that

UTR: The Killing IT Podcast

  Ryan Morris, Karl Palachuk, and Dave Sobel provide commentary on the changing world of technology and emerging tech every week. These guys have been on the leading edge of tech for

Defending the Rights Of Podcasters

Todd Cochrane has never been one to shy away from challenging himself. From 25 years in the U.S. Navy to creating one of the first podcast hosting platforms, Blubrry, Todd’s focus has

UTR: TechStuff

  How does one describe Jonathan Strickland as the host of TechStuff? Incredible! I love listening to him as he describes—in sometimes fun, sometimes serious, and always interesting ways—various happenings in the


It’s All About the Questions

Call Espree Devora “Founder,” “Superhero,” “Creator,” “Leader,” “Geek Tech-Evangelist,” or “Kick-Ass Podcaster”…  But NOT “a woman in tech.”  Like many women in the industry, Espree prefers the reference to being a female

UTR: Women in Tech Talk To Yasmin

  Yasmin Alameddine is committed to telling the stories of women in tech—and not just any stories. She has amassed a catalog of episodes that highlights some under-the -radar women in tech

Local Focus, Global Vision

When Paul Spain first started learning about the tech sector as a teenager, he felt like he didn’t understand everything, and wondered when it would all make sense. That very feeling is

UTR: Acquired

  Although this podcast often hits the top of charts, it was new to me and definitely deserving of a review. I LOVE this show!  Hosts Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal are