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Ryan Morris, Karl Palachuk, and Dave Sobel provide commentary on the changing world of technology and emerging tech every week. These guys have been on the leading edge of tech for decades from inside the world. Having worked on all sides of information technology, they have turned their attention to an area of tech they feel needs change: Tech News.

What I love about the show is they have fun making the geekiest of nerdy things real and interesting, all while providing a perspective few outsiders ever get to hear. Each show is a master’s degree or doctorate perspective on an aspect of technology or the business of technology in the news (or that should be in the news). I think they should record the conversations they have that lead up to the moment they hit the record button, as that would add even more!

This is the first show with three hosts I’ve listened to that started out great and gone on to elevate their game even further. You can tell these guys respect each other from the very first episode. You can also tell they know their stuff and aren’t afraid to have the tough conversations despite still working in the industry they report on.

If you have to pick one tech news show to add to your podcast lineup, make this the one.


November 2020 Issue

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