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Yasmin Alameddine is committed to telling the stories of women in tech—and not just any stories. She has amassed a catalog of episodes that highlights some under-the -radar women in tech who are transforming the world of tech from the inside out. Episodes include the guest’s journey in tech, the highs and the lows, and how they are lifting other women and women-owned tech businesses, so they thrive.

I enjoy listening to the stories and how Yasmin asks her listeners to tell her how else the show can help give voice to their stories. She is serious about getting feedback and ideas, as every episode details multiple ways to reach out.

Yasmin asks great questions and keeps the show focused. When so much in the world seems crazy, she manages to provide content to remind us that what we hear is not always the whole story. Her goal seems to be to tell the rest of the story around women in tech and tech overall.

Each of the leaders profiled on the episodes seem to enjoy being on the show, and that comfort level makes for easy listening.

With 67 episodes available to download at the writing of this review, there is something about the show that makes me feel hopeful about the future direction of tech and business.


December 2020 Issue

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