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Hosts Jerry Bell and Andrew Kalat are neck-deep in the cybersecurity world in their day jobs. As a result, their podcast is filled with real-world insights and advice around cybersecurity, privacy, and your business. 

Rather than just preach about the need to protect ourselves, Jerry and Andrew explain the lessons in the attacks and threats we often hear about in the news, and, even more importantly, the ones we don’t hear about unless we subscribe to tech industry-focused sources.

The differing styles and vocal cadence of the two hosts may take a while for the listener to get used to. Even deciding which episode to listen to can be confusing, as their descriptions are essentially links to the articles from which they have grabbed their topics. However, those articles add another dimension to the show by letting the listener go beyond the podcast to explore the source of the materials discussed.

I can say that it is definitely worth the time investment, as the content is useful to those deep in tech as well as to those just dipping their toes, or rather ears, into the cybersecurity world of podcasts. 

With topics ranging from ransomware, data breaches, legal cases around insurance payout after ransomware attacks, and how programmers need to be held accountable for their code and security, there is something for everyone, no matter where you fall on the geek spectrum.


April 2020 Issue

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