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This show debuted in December of 2020 and only has a few episodes. I was expecting content about Artificial Intelligence when I started listening but was pleasantly surprised to discover that “AI” is short for “Amber Ivey,” the host and creator. Recently moved from Education to the Technology category, this show is an interesting mix of tech, culture, and even politics.

A relative newcomer to the world of podcasting, AI: Decodes the System seems to be finding its footing. Amber offers some good content that is unfortunately hidden behind inconsistent sound quality, so I hope she figures that part out soon. She has a unique style and interesting selection of guests that has me wanting to hear more from her. 

I don’t listen to political commentary, and am not sure how it fits the genre, but I found myself actively interested in her viewpoint on the episodes about the change in American party affiliations. Her episode on wearable tech took a unique path as she allowed her guest to expand on the definition of “wearable.” A good discussion followed. 

Now that the show is in the technology category, I am curious to see if there are more diversions into politics for the sake of political conversation, or if those episodes will tie into politics and tech. If not for the sound issues, this would be a four-mic review.


April 2021 Issue

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