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How does one describe Jonathan Strickland as the host of TechStuff? Incredible! I love listening to him as he describes—in sometimes fun, sometimes serious, and always interesting ways—various happenings in the world of tech. I especially love his episode on Charles Babbage. 

Sometimes, the show can get mired in details while diving deep into a topic, but I forgive that, because it is never useless information and shows the host’s passion for his topic.

Episodes run the gamut from past, present, and future tech to tech personalities. No matter the topic, Jonathan keeps interest. So much so, I am often inspired to further explore topics after the episode is over.

After listening to the episode on the GameStop stock situation, I finally understood why it was so important and what it might mean in the long term. While it is not a typical topic for a tech show, I am glad he takes the time to cover it, along with episodes like “The Origins of Earthlink,” “Hacking the Planet,” and “The Solarwinds Hack.”

If you’d love to get a cross-section of tech in an easily consumable format, with a host who loves what he does and has a great voice, add this podcast to your listen list. With over 300 episodes, there is something to feed your need for geek info.


March 2021 Issue

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