UTR: Cooper Stuff Podcast

  Not long ago, John Cooper, the lead singer of the Christian rock band Skillet, made headlines and filled social feeds when he attacked “deconstruction” from the stage. This caused a minor

UTR: Simply Sabbath

  Normally, I review podcasts that have been around long enough to develop. But an email landed in my inbox recently asking for coverage (which we at Podcast Magazine® love, by the

UTR: The Journey of a Christian Dad

  When it comes to podcasts for Christian men, shows are generally either overhyped discussions about theology complete with cigars, whiskey, and a generous helping of machismo, or they are the audio

Growing Deep

A tree cannot grow up until it grows down. Explaining her favorite metaphor, Jodi Rosser, STEM teacher and the voice behind the Depth Podcast, added, “And deeper roots don’t just happen overnight.” 

UTR: Ask NT Wright Anything

  In the Christian category, so many churches and pastors use podcasting as a way to simply recycle their Sunday morning content. I have criticized this approach as shortsighted in previous reviews.

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