UTR: The Journey of a Christian Dad

  When it comes to podcasts for Christian men, shows are generally either overhyped discussions about theology complete with cigars, whiskey, and a generous helping of machismo, or they are the audio

Growing Deep

A tree cannot grow up until it grows down. Explaining her favorite metaphor, Jodi Rosser, STEM teacher and the voice behind the Depth Podcast, added, “And deeper roots don’t just happen overnight.” 

UTR: Ask NT Wright Anything

  In the Christian category, so many churches and pastors use podcasting as a way to simply recycle their Sunday morning content. I have criticized this approach as shortsighted in previous reviews.

Trust Your Intuition

As the plane carrying Devi Adea from Washington DC to San Diego landed, she could sense that something was different. The joy she usually felt upon returning to The Golden State was

UTR: Hope Unyielding

  In these strange times, the greatest benefit of podcasting is the ability to hear from others and feel less alone. Learning that we are not the only ones who suffer brings

Father Mike Schmitz

“I could have been the first ex-Mr. Angelina Jolie,” chuckled Father Mike Schmitz.  In the mid-1990s, Fr. Schmitz auditioned for the male lead role to star opposite Jolie in the movie Hackers.

UTR: Bleeding Daylight

  If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that times are bleak. A global pandemic, political unrest around the world, and division in the United States can feel heavy

The Playful Imagination

“When you’re from New York, New Jersey is just like come on… why would you even go there?” said Christina Sasso as her husband Frank chuckled nearby.  How the couple ended up