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When it comes to podcasts for Christian men, shows are generally either overhyped discussions about theology complete with cigars, whiskey, and a generous helping of machismo, or they are the audio versions of a wet noodle… limp and lifeless.

So when one comes across a podcast that values the part men play in a family while also challenging him to take responsibility, I have to take note.

The Journey of a Christian Dad Podcast, hosted by Dan Luigs, is that show, and it’s well worth the listen. Luigs has a great voice for podcasting and knows his stuff. He speaks with conviction and thoughtfulness as he talks with guests.

Production is of high quality with great audio and regular release (at least two per month). Recent episodes topics include how to thrive when you’re a busy dad, how to make your family unshakable, and why your mistakes do not define you. 

Luigs gets the issues men face and explores a Christian way of handling them. His way of understanding that, while men won’t always get it right, they should be encouraged to avoid going it alone, renders this podcast one that truly makes a difference. 

One can be masculine and still love one’s family well, even if it means learning on the job.


November 2021 Issue

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