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In these strange times, the greatest benefit of podcasting is the ability to hear from others and feel less alone. Learning that we are not the only ones who suffer brings tremendous hope.

 If you want to hear how God’s people wrestle through life’s most pressing issues, Hope Unyielding is for you.

 The show is approaching its one-year anniversary, and host Hope Johnson is beginning to hit her stride as she publishes episodes more frequently.

 Episodes feature a Christian believer feeling his or her way through a situation that seems scary or outside expectations. For instance, an episode with Natalie Hixson discussed overcoming destructive anger. Another discussed hearing God’s voice and how to discern it. 

Johnson’s line of questioning leads the listener from feeling lost in the powerful emotions to sensing that God is present.

 The show’s production is well-crafted, especially in Johnson’s solo episodes. Her soft tones are very soothing with background music to match. Her deep understanding of trust in God regardless of circumstances sets this show apart.

 Occasionally, there are audio quality issues that plague all new podcasters, like Internet issues or leveling crop up, but this should not deter audiences from listening.

 If you are ready for a podcast that speaks honestly about struggle without being patronizing, check out Hope Unyielding.


September 2021 Issue

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